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Childe is shameless Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:28   Public Service   Castrop-Rauxel   244 views Reference: 151
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Hua Jiu Ye grasped Shen Zhili's wrist with great strength, as if to break her hand bone: "You are saved by me, Shen Tianxing is just a silver." In that extremely cold and snowy night, it was obviously because he was bored out of the inn that he dug out Shen Zhili, who was almost frozen to death, in the snow, and it was also because he saved Shen Zhili with a spoonful of ginger soup. After pulling Shen Zhili's wrist, Hua Jiu gnashed his teeth and looked at her: "Why did you die for Shen Tianxing?" A sharp pain came from the wrist holding the hairpin, and Shen Zhili could not help crying out in pain: "Let go." Hua Jiu Ye: "Let go and let you die?"? Don't even think about it! The voice did not fall, he approached a step, Shen Zhili unconsciously retreated. And so on, after a few steps, her back against the wall. Even if you use your own life to exchange twelve night flowers, I will not let you save the dead woman that Shen Tianxing is thinking about. If you dare to die, I dare to save you again with Twelve Night Flowers. After a pause, Hua Jiu Ye said coldly, "But at that time, I promise I won't let you hang yourself any more." "It's no use." Shen Zhili bit his lip: "You can't save me." Those who sacrifice and die will not come back even if they are twelve nights. Almost the next moment, Hua Jiuye picked up Shen Zhili and strode toward his room. Words jumped out from between his lips and teeth: "In that case,impact beam tubes, I'll look at you.." For three months, not a step away from me. Spend a long night doing what you say. For three days, he followed Shen Zhili with a python and never left him. Whether it is for the injured to see a doctor, eat, sleep or even bath, spend a long night with her tirelessly. The most terrible thing is that even Shen Zhili got up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet at night, and Hua Jiu unexpectedly followed him with a ghostly face. …… How can she live like this! It's even more terrible than Su Shen Che! She only goes to the grottoes once every three months! You don't have to be so diligent! Also, is Hua Jiu Ye going to follow her for three months like this! Hua Jiu Ye proved with his practical actions that he really intended to keep up with it for three months. Shen Zhili tried to sneak into the grotto while Hua Jiu went to the toilet at night,Cold Drawn Tubes, but was entangled by Xiaohua and failed. Shen Zhili tried to sneak into the grotto while the flower was asleep for a long time, and was entangled by the little flower and failed. Shen Zhili tried to slip into the grotto while Hua Jiu was taking a bath at night, and was entangled by Hua Jiu, who was wrapped in a cloth towel, and failed. Shen Zhili wants to cry without tears. "Elder Martial Brother, will you let me go?" Hua Jiu Ye looked at her coldly. "Do you think it's possible?" Shen Zhili: ".." Give me some hope. Will you die! …… If I had known not to tell him about the Twelve Night China, I would have forgotten what Su Shen Che had to do with it, anyway, there was no result in the end. Finally, Shen Zhili looked forward to the stars and the moon, and finally looked forward to the poison attack of Hua Jiu Ye. On the night of the full moon, Hua Jiuye disappeared after dinner. She slipped towards the grotto and saw Dieyi standing in the doorway, stretching out her hands to stop her: "Miss.." "Don't go." Shen Zhili stroked his forehead and said, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, "Get out of the way." Dieyi: "Miss.." Please, don't go. The playboy said that if he stopped you tonight, he would. Shen Zhili: "Get out of the way for the young lady." Spend a long night with what to bribe you, I give you double! Dieyi lowered her eyes, two red clouds appeared on her cheeks, and her hands unconsciously picked up her little face: ".." He kissed someone's face, ah, so shy, so shy. Shen Zhili: ".." She really can't give this thing. As he spoke, a leisurely python leisurely moved its body and crawled over, its tail swinging, tightly wrapped around Shen Zhili's body. Shen Zhili suddenly startled, she specially added an invincible dose of paralysis powder in the snake feed that had been spent for a long time, the medicine turned over a row of tigers without any problem, how could. The body of the snake rolled tighter and tighter, and Shen Zhili was once again rolled into the body of the snake. The bright red letter brushed Shen Zhili's face, the huge snake head rubbed against her chest, and found a comfortable position to lie down on it. …… Shen Zhili's whole body was almost completely wrapped in snakes, and he could not even move his fingers. This again!!!! …… So, failed again? Dieyi wiped the sweat from Shen Zhili's forehead with her sleeve and said kindly, "Miss, just bear with me until the playboy's attack is over." Oh, I almost forgot.. Miss, I'm going to see how the playboy is, you wait here now, don't walk around. Without waiting for Shen Zhili to open his mouth again, Dieyi trotted toward the room where he had spent a long night with his little skirt. …… Whose maid are you! Shen Zhili stood helplessly, looking at the python that seemed to be sleeping well in front of his chest, and looking at the back of the butterfly clothes that had disappeared without a trace. In the silent night wind, she sighed deeply. Looking up, the full moon in the sky suddenly lost half of it. Shen Zhili looked at it. The moon seems to be missing more and more. And it's a little red, so weird. Then a red shadow flashed by. Are you dazzled? Shen Zhili thought silently. Suddenly, the head of the snake crawling in front of his chest suddenly rose and hit Shen Zhili's chin. Shen Zhili chin pain, hands and feet are bound in the snake body, is tangled, on a pair of beautiful extremely arrogant eyes. It's Ye Shallow. She was dressed in bright red tights, which set off her figure so hot and powerful that even Shen Zhili, as a woman, could not help swallowing saliva. With a nine-ring broadsword on his shoulder, Ye shallowly pinched the body of the big, terrible python with only his fingers. The python struggled desperately, and as soon as Ye's shallow fingers exerted themselves, the snake circling Shen Zhili was pulled out of her body and thrown away. Shen Zhili followed the python around several times before slowly standing still. Steady the shape of the time, the flower for a long time the night of the beloved python flower has been dizzy down in the side of the grass,beam impact tubes, the snake is unconscious. This kind of fighting capacity is really enviable! Glancing at Shen Zhili, Ye said lightly, "Lord Shen is in high spirits." cbiesautomotive.com

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