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Full Moon Scimitar Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:44   Independent & Freelance   Calden   310 views Reference: 18
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Smiling, he came out to smooth things over and said, "When the host's father and daughter meet for the first time, they must have a lot to talk about. Let's go to the front hall for a wedding feast." The so-called wedding feast is naturally a reunion wine to celebrate the addition of a female son to Shenjian Villa, which is naturally very rich. Xie Xiaofeng just came back, but Mr. Xie was ready, as if he had already identified the identity of the hostess. No one knows what Xie Xiaofeng and Xie Xiaoyu talked about. But two hours later, Xie Xiaofeng came out, accompanied his friends to drink two glasses of wine, and began his traveling life again. To Xie Xiaoyu, he did not deny. Did not deny, nature is admitted, although Xie Xiaofeng did not make further explanation to her life experience. But no one was surprised, and no one asked how many women Xie Xiaofeng had in his life, and no one knew. Any woman could have given him a daughter. Why do you ask? With Xie Xiaoyu, Shenjian Villa has added a lot of vitality. The huge manor used to be inhabited by few people, but now it is like a cloud of servants. The house has been renovated and the garden has been rearranged. This is like the Excalibur Villa, like the place where the best swordsman in the world lives. Like the holy places and forbidden places in Wulin, they are magnificent and dignified. It's just that there is another forbidden place in the forbidden place. It was a lonely little yard in the backyard, surrounded by walls and locked with an iron lock all the year round. This courtyard is Xie Xiaofeng's living room,ball valve manufacturer, where he practices sword, meditates and cultivates his moral character. No one dared to enter the courtyard, not even Xie Xiaoyu. When Xie Xiaofeng is at home, the door is still locked, and when he is not at home, the door is also locked. The lock was rusty and fastened on the door, representing a kind of authority. When Xie Xiaofeng went in and out, he did not pass through this door,38 needle valve, but no one knew how he got in and out, because there was only one door in the yard. Of course, the simplest way is to jump over the wall, although the wall is high, but also difficult to Xie Xiaofeng, but this is in his own home, why should he jump over the wall in and out? Xie Xiaofeng did not jump over the wall, but that was many years ago. Now, wherever he went, someone would open the door respectfully and welcome him in respectfully. Even his enemies will be no exception. Because Xie Xiaofeng's position has made him get this respect without hypocrisy. Would a man in such a position cross the wall to get in and out of his home? No one will believe this sentence, and no one will think about it. Even the people who lived in Shenjian Villa suddenly unexpectedly saw Xie Xiaofeng come out from behind and knew that he was home, but they did not expect that he jumped out of the wall. Although they also knew that there was only one door in the wall, the door was locked by the rusty iron lock, which could not be opened. Unless there is another passage, hydraulic fitting supplier ,pipe fittings manufacturer, or there is a spell to go through the wall, you can only go through the wall. But people prefer to accept the first two statements and exclude the latter possibility. Of course, jumping over the wall is not a fair and aboveboard thing, but it is not an absolute bad thing either. Many heroes have jumped over the wall. But no one will think that Xie Xiaofeng will do so. At least, now Xie Xiaofeng is not the person to do this kind of thing. After a person becomes a deified personality in the hearts of others, he is the embodiment of perfection, and it is impossible for him to have any flaws. However, the small courtyard with a heavy door and a deep lock also contains many secrets. Perhaps some people will secretly guess and speculate about the possible situation inside, but no one dares to understand the real situation inside. Because that is Xie Xiaofeng's residence. Ding Peng finally came to Shenjian Villa. He was a man, with his sword, riding in his luxurious carriage of four horses, driven by Agu, crossing the river to the front of the courtyard. In the past, no matter how much wealth Ding Peng had, he could only walk and cross the river with a small ferry boat. Because there was only one boat. But since there was a little hostess in Shenjian Villa, the momentum has changed a lot, and there are more people coming and going. Many of them are elegant young men with high status in Wulin. They came to Shenjian Villa, one is to admire the name of Shenjian Villa, and the other is because Xie Xiaoyu is a very beautiful girl. Xie Xiaoyu is really beautiful, hospitable and generous. She treats people kindly and kindly. She warmly welcomes everyone who visits her. This so-called everyone, of course, has been secretly selected and eliminated by some people beforehand. People with poor conditions can't get into the Excalibur Villa. Those who can enter Shenjian Villa seem to have the possibility of being the son-in-law of the Xie family. However, it is only possible. Xie Xiaoyu is very good to everyone, but not particularly good to anyone. However, in order to meet those good young men in Jianghu, the original broken boat is really too cold. So Xie Xiaoyu changed a very big one. This boat is so big, it's amazing. It is too big to move to the sea to sail, and it is not a small boat. Shenjian Villa is only used as a ferry boat to cross the river, crossing two or three hundred feet of water, this is not too wasteful? Once upon a time, maybe someone would have said that. Now, everyone will say, "Well, it's not a waste." That's because of the style of Excalibur Villa. Magnificent momentum, resplendent houses, is to match such a large ship. Because of this boat, Ding Peng was able to cross the river with his carriage. Naturally, there are many Jianghu people following him. These people are more or less famous, but they can only be blocked before the river bank, not with Ding Peng on the boat. Because Ding Peng was the only one who came to fight with Master Xie. Who is with Ding Peng means that he is on Ding Peng's side. No one wants to be under such suspicion. They just came to watch the duel, not to help Ding Peng duel, although they wanted to help but could not get involved. Standing on this side of the river, can you see the duel? No one will worry about this problem, it seems that everyone knows that even with the past, there is no duel. Between Xie Xiaofeng and Ding Peng,14 tube fitting, there will never be a duel in full view of the public. Apart from the two sides of the duel, there is probably no third party present. There may be one or two people to see, but it will never be any of them. chinaroke.com

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