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Hun Shi San Xian (Guo Mo) Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:21   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   281 views Reference: 146
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It was still a surprise attack. The star field where the eight sects of the Fairy World headquarters were located had no warning effect at all under the guidance of Yunyang's space magic. Each of the eight star fields had two groups of people and horses to kill, while the demon world headquarters had suffered heavy damage before, so only four groups of people and horses were enough. Mi Tan Yang and others could not imagine that as soon as the ancient immortal alliance was destroyed, Yunyang dared to attack on a large scale. For a while, they were caught off guard. Although in the first battle of the ancient immortal alliance, the damage of the eight schools was not serious, but it could not stop Yunyang from entering directly, especially when they were not concentrated in one place, but scattered in eight star fields, their strength was still scattered a lot, facing the sudden entry of Yunyang and others, how could their guardian array be blocked, and in a moment they were broken through by Yunyang. Then the fierce battle was launched in the central star field where the eight sects were located. Suzerain, retreat quickly. If you don't retreat, it will be too late. Our eight sects have been attacked at the same time. There is no one to support us. An elder of a day eagerly said to the center of the rice altar, the main attack on a day of Yunyang and a group of people led by Toledo, has been very close to the center of the rice altar, and on the other side, a group led by the magic clothes has also been killed, a day of the star field is out of hundreds of people of a day, is the power of those small sects. How can we stop the two groups of more than four hundred people who suddenly came out? Besides,collapsible bulk containers, there are no people here who have reached the state of perfection. Mi Tan Yang has few people around, everyone joined the battle, but they rushed to fight, how to resist the cloud Yang they came prepared to kill the collective. Mi Tan Yang stared at the figure of Yunyang, as if he wanted to engrave the image of Yunyang deeply into his heart, watching many immortals in Tianyizong fall into the downwind and be killed. Although Mi Tan Yang was very angry, he still kept calm. Command all the people to withdraw to the space channel, and at the same time send a message to Luo Fei Chang,collapsible pallet box, so that they can withdraw quickly. Mi Tan Yang finally made a decision, although now the people of the day has almost been able to withstand the cloud Yang their collective bombardment, but the casualties are extremely heavy, they in the beginning, eat a big loss, now how can really resist. The elder breathed a sigh of relief and immediately passed on the order of the center of the rice altar. All the immortals of Tianyizong were stunned when they heard the order. Then they quickly broke away from the battle and converged towards the center of the rice altar. Although very unwilling, but now retreat, is undoubtedly the best choice, the other side can attack the eight schools at the same time in the star field, then people are sure to be able to defeat them at the same time. I don't want to believe it, but it's true now. Yunyang led his group of people to kill, he had already found the rice altar center, but as an arrow, Yunyang could not leave the army to kill alone, can only watch the rice altar center with the rest of the people to withdraw. In the absence of a large-scale blockade of space, ibc spill pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, Yunyang could not stop the people of the fairy world who had moved away and retreated. Gan Kun Island, Gan Kun Island Lord Luo Fei often looked at Ziyun and others who were fighting like breathing fire, so for a while, the immortals in the lower world of the island have been killed and wounded a lot, Gan Kun island is famous for its array, the true face of the enemy has always been a little worse, now they were caught off guard, arranged array was broken before they had time to start, and they carried the array plate. Want to play a role but need time, which makes them in any case can not stop Ziyun their power. Lord of the island, let's go. It will be too late if we don't go. The elders of Gankun Island tried desperately to stop Luo Feichang, who wanted to go up desperately. Now the immortals of Gankun Island can still hold on, but they have fallen to an absolute disadvantage. At this time, Luo Fei often received the news of the retreat of the rice altar center, suddenly a dark face, helpless, since the day has been withdrawn, then other sects must also be withdrawn, otherwise the enemy is afraid of more and more. Withdraw to the fairy world. Luo Fei often gave the order with a helpless face, and immediately, the people of Gankun Island had to break away from the battle and move away quickly, leaving only some besieged immortals, dragging Ziyun's pace. "Every kind of thing has run away, and that's all there is to Gankun Island." Ziyun spat disdainfully, and soon all the people on Gankun Island were wiped out, and even the ordinary practitioners who had not had time to leave here were killed. When Yunyang looted the eight sects, they left roots for their sects, but now that the immortal world has sent a large army to encircle and suppress them, Ziyun will not be soft-handed any more. The six sects, including the Sword Sect and the Five Elements Sect, were also withdrawn one by one. At the same time, the people of the other seven first-class forces and small sects were all withdrawn. The people of the lower world of immortals, including those who stayed in the space passage, were all withdrawn from the immortal world. No one dared to stay in the realm of cultivation. And the four groups of people led by the demon heaven and others beat the people in the demon world. The demon emperor and the falling thunder demon emperor fought their way out of the tight encirclement with a little bit of their men, and they didn't dare to stay in the real world any more, but they were miserable. In a few days, Yunyang cleaned up the realm of cultivation, and the people in the Demon Realm in the passage of the Demon Realm were also cleaned up by Luo Linao and others. However, after these people knew their situation and Luo Linao and others had also surrendered to Brahma, they had to surrender. In less than a month's time, the three realms of immortals and demons have suffered heavy losses in the realm of cultivation, the most miserable of which is undoubtedly the demon world. In the Demon Palace in the center of the Demon World, hidden in the depths of the Demon Palace, the hole suddenly opened wide, and ten Taishang elders of the Central Demon Palace came out together, their faces unusually ugly. After Yunyang swept the people of the three realms of immortals and demons, the people of the immortal world and the demon world brought back the news that a large number of people in the demon world had besieged them. After the ancient immortal alliance was completely annihilated, it led to the real high-level. These high-level people immediately contacted the central demon palace through special means and questioned why they wanted to attack the immortal world,ibc spill containment pallet, which made the people in the demon world aware of it. As a result, the paper finally did not save the fire, and the news that the people in the lower world of the demon world were wiped out was finally confirmed. binpallet.com

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