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Mo Yan-Dionysus Full-time Job

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He is very modest. People who are really capable are modest. People who brag often have no ability or no great ability. You drank the wine gracefully again. Miss Blender beautifully fills you with wine. I fill my own glass with tired hands. Everyone greeted each other with a knowing smile. Li Bai wrote a hundred poems about drinking. Li Bai is not as good as me. Li Bai has to take out his wallet when he drinks. I don't have to. I can drink experimental wine. Li Bai is a great literary giant. I am an amateur literary enthusiast. The vice chairman of the Writers'Association of our city advised me to write something familiar about life. I often steal the wine from the laboratory and send it to his home. He won't lie to me. Where did he go in his lecture? Let us prick up our ears and concentrate. Nine hundred college students are like nine hundred energetic little donkeys. Little Donkey, Visiting Professor The expression and posture of the vice minister of Diamond Diamond are the same as those of the little donkey. He shook his head and wagged his tail on the platform, looking very cute. "My drinking history goes back 40 years," he said. "Forty years ago, I took root in my mother's womb in that month of national celebration. Before that, according to the survey, my parents were as excited as everyone else, and the ensuing love fell into a state of hype and ecstasy. So I was the product and by-product of the carnival. Students, we all know the relationship between carnival and wine. It doesn't matter whether Carnival is Dionysian or not. It doesn't matter whether Nietzsche was born on Dionysian Day. What matters is that I am the product of the combination of my father's sperm and my mother's egg, which determines my fate with wine. He unfolded the two pieces of paper handed over, read them, and said with tolerance and magnanimity, I am a political and ideological worker of the Party, how can I propagate idealism? I am an out-and-out materialist. "Material first,Teardrop Pallet Racking, spirit second" is the handwriting embroidered with gold thread on the battle flag I hold high forever. Sperm is also material even though it is reveling. Similarly, is the egg that is reveling not material? Another example: Can revelers abandon their bones and flesh and become a pure spirit flying around?! All right, dear students, time is precious. Time is money, and time is life. Let's not beat around the Bush on these simple issues. At noon, I will also entertain the friends who sponsored the first Ape Wine Festival. Among them are Chinese Americans and compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao. I dare not neglect them at all. When Diamond mentioned "ape wine",warehousing storage solutions, I saw at the back of the classroom that my mother-in-law's husband's two deltoid muscles in his neck were tense and red. The old man was disturbed for half his life by this legendary thing that could not be compared with the nectar. Brewing "ape wine" and turning magical legends into liquid in containers is a good thing that two million people in Jiuguo City dream of. It is a key research project. The city has invested a huge sum of money. The old man is the leader of the research team. His deltoid muscle is not tense. Whose deltoid muscle is tense? I can't see his face. I basically saw his face. Students, let us see such a sacred image, a group of ecstatic sperm, wagging their soft tails, like a group of brave soldiers rushing to the bunker, no, although they are ecstatic, their actions are lively and gentle. At that time, Hitler, the leader of fascism, shuttle rack system ,asrs warehouse, hoped that German youth should be "as flexible as hounds, as flexible as leather, as hard as Krupp steel". Although Hitler's ideal young man is a bit like the hordes of sperm that swim before our eyes now-one of them is my core-the best metaphor can not be used twice, let alone the creation of this metaphor is the world's hated devil. We would rather use the vulgar domestic products than the sophisticated foreign products. This is a matter of principle, and no carelessness is allowed. Leading comrades at all levels must pay full attention and must not be careless. Medical books describe spermatozoa as tadpoles, and we have tadpoles once: groups of spermatozoa, including a part of me, swimming in my mother's warm stream. They were competing, and the winner was awarded a prize, a juicy white grape. Of course, sometimes two swimmers will reach the finish line at the same time. In this case, if there are two white grapes, they will be awarded one each. If there is one white grape, the sweet juice will have to be shared by them. What if three, four, or even more runners reach the finish line at the same time? This situation is too special, this phenomenon is extremely rare, and scientific principles are always abstracted under general conditions, special circumstances are another matter. At least in this competition, I was the only one who arrived first. A white grape swallowed me up. I became a part of the white grape. The white grape became a part of me. Yes, no matter how vivid the metaphor is, it is lame. This is Lenin's quotation. Without metaphor, there is no literature. This is Tolstoy's words. We compare wine to beauty, and others compare beauty to wine, which shows that wine and beauty have a certain identity, the particularity of identity distinguishes wine from beauty, and the identity of particularity confuses beauty with wine. But there are few people who really feel the tenderness of beautiful women from drinking. That day, his words shocked us. We are shallow college students and relatively shallow graduate students. The water we drank was not as much as the wine he drank. True knowledge comes from practice, dear students. Sharpshooters are fed with bullets; wine stars are soaked with alcohol. There is no royal road to success, and only those who have the courage to climb its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits! The light of truth shone on us, and there was warm applause in the big classroom. Classmates, I had a miserable childhood. Great men have struggled in the sea of suffering, and he is no exception. I had no wine to drink,warehouse pallet racks, though I longed for it. Vice Minister Jin told us about his experience of using industrial alcohol instead of soju to exercise his organs under difficult conditions. I want to describe his extraordinary experience in pure literary language. I took a sip of the wine and put the glass crisply on the lacquer plate. Darkness fell, and the diamond stood in a position between the vice minister and the happy sperm. He waved to me, and he wore a ragged cotton-padded jacket to guide me into his hometown. jracking.com

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The two men walked forward happily with the doll, and immediately someone stood in their position. Su Xiang observed and saw that they had stuffed two coins into it, and then shook the lever to let the claw reach down to catch the doll. Qi Lingyang took out his wallet from his pocket and found that he had no coins. There were only a few big bills in it. He looked at Su Xiang and saw that she was still watching others catch dolls. He went to the convenience supermarket to buy a bottle of yogurt and exchanged a lot of coins. He handed the yogurt to Su Xiang, smiled at her, and then stuffed two coins into the slot. In fact, Qi Lingyang is also the first time to play this kind of game, before he did not think this kind of game is interesting, just see her has been depressed, he seems to see her like this, then play to make her happy. As the machine's claws moved, Su Xiang was attracted, biting the yogurt straw, nervously watching the claws move left and right, slowly falling toward the frog. When the claw caught the frog, she held her breath and waited for the claw to pick up the doll. When the claw succeeded in grabbing the doll, her eyes lit up, but before she could grab it, the frog fell down. What a pity. Su Xiang looked at Qi Lingyang with regret. "Then do it again," said Qi Lingyang. The next few times in a row are a little bit worse, if not before that little girl caught the doll, Su Xiang would feel that this is a fraud. It's really hard! Qi Lingyang threw two more coins in. Then he said to her, "Would you like to try it yourself?" Su Xiang looked for a long time, already eager to try,7g Ozone Generator, then stood in front of the machine to hold the operating lever, some nervous looking inside, and then moved up. Qi Lingyang stood watching her nervous breathing, nervous staring, the whole small face is very dignified, his lips slightly hooked up. By this time, she was so immersed in that simple happiness that she almost forgot what made her unhappy. After several failures, she finally succeeded in grabbing a doll,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, but it was not the traveling frog she wanted, but a little yellow chicken with glasses. But it was enough to make her happy. She grabbed the doll excitedly and shook it at Qi Lingyang. Look, I got it! Qi Lingyang looked at her bright eyes, the little girl's simple smile is very infectious, he laughed: "Well, you are better than me." He spread out his hand, and there was not a single coin left. It turned out that she had caught such a little yellow chicken with the last two coins for a long time. Su Xiang looked at Qi Lingyang's eyes with a slightly teasing smile, bowed his head and smiled shyly, and suddenly found that his behavior was somewhat frivolous. She has always been a gentle lady image, never so crazy, and she is a mother, where can jump like a little girl, too humiliating. In a flower shop not far away, Mo Feitong grabbed his pocket and was waiting for the clerk inside to pack the flowers. Of course, he didn't need to take the subway, but he lost a bet with his friends and wanted to buy a bunch of flowers in this flower shop and give them to the owner of the shop, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and then said to her, "I want to pursue you.". Yes, that's how boring a dandy is. Your flowers are wrapped, sir. Mo Feitong received a large bunch of roses, which were red, white, yellow, blue and pink roses of various colors, which he ordered in disorder. Basically, there was no taste to speak of. When he asked people to pack them up, they looked at him a few more times. Mo Feitong held up the flower and enjoyed it. Suddenly, he seemed to see something. He stared ahead and opened his mouth slightly. Is he right? Isn't that the little mute? Fu Hanchuan did not take Su Xiang to their friends to see, but three years ago that noisy thing, as Fu Hanchuan's old iron, is naturally more attention. In fact, if Su Xiang was not using sign language, he might not be able to recognize her, after all, he had only read about her in newspapers and magazines, but when she was gesticulating, he recognized her at once. Is the little mute playing the doll catching machine? Wait a minute, the man standing next to her, isn't that the second son of the Qi family? They know each other? This is interesting. Mo Feitong was a little messy, but in the mess, he took out his cell phone and filmed the scene. Hum, Fu Hanchuan is on a business trip in Spain, the little mute ran out to play with other men, take a picture to show Fu Hanchuan, see how he is! After shooting, Mofei walked slowly to Su Xiang. Su Xiang was about to go, but suddenly she was blocked by someone, so she moved to the side. But when she moved to the side, the person also went to the side, to the other side, and the person also went to the other side. Su Xiang looked up and saw a pair of narrow peach blossom eyes looking at her, as if he knew her. But Su Xiang can guarantee that she has never seen this person. Mo Feitong looked at Su Xiang at close range. Then he turned to look at Qi Lingyang and said with a half-smile, "It's really strange that I met Qi's second son in the subway station. This kind of place doesn't look like you came here, does it?" With the status of the Qi family, it should be a luxury car trip, which needs to be crowded with people on the subway, and. What kind of doll catching machine do you play? Qi Lingyang stared at Mo Feitong, narrowed his eyes slightly, looked behind him, looked at him again, and said with the same half-smile: "Isn't Mo San Shao the same?"? This place is not suitable for you with a high profile. Mo Feitong raised his eyebrows, lowered his head and fiddled with the colorful roses in his hand. He squinted at Su Xiang: "Hey, sister-in-law, I didn't expect that the first meeting was in the subway. I didn't prepare any gifts for the first meeting, so this bunch of roses will be given to you." Su Xiang was stunned, sister-in-law? She glanced at the "lively" bunch of roses and did not accept them. But Mo Feitong put the flower into her hand and said,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "Sister-in-law, you haven't seen me, but you may have a chance to see me later." "Then I'll go." He blinked at her and turned away. global-ceramics.com