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Nine Dragon Rings Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:43   Public Service   Farmsen-Berne   229 views Reference: 52
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"Hey, hey.." Well, today I'm full, let you drink to death here, but don't blame me for not speaking, I'm full of wine, but if you miss the show, don't blame me when you wake up. Bezos smiled and followed Bai Qi and Li Xunhuan to go in with Xiao Tian. Only left here the white natural and unrestrained silly standing there, looking at everything in front of him, a look of dementia, kept rubbing his eyes, as if to confirm whether he was wrong in the end in general. Volume II Wind and Rain Rose City Chapter 84 The First Gathering of the Four Heavenly Kings "O Great God of Light." How is it possible that that guy from Bai Qi should come together with those two terrible people. How can I live in the future. Bai Xiaosha looked at Bai Qi's back and wailed in his heart. In just a few minutes, he could already foresee his miserable future. Of course, the premise was that Bai Qi was not cut into meat sauce by Dugu pervert a month later. No one paid attention to the little fat man, and at this time Bai Qi was immersed in the words of Bezos and Li Xunhuan just now. It sounded as if something was going to happen today, and I didn't know what it was. It alarmed so many people. Looking at Bai's handsome expression,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, I also knew that Li Xunhuan, Bezos, and Dugu Zhan Tian were three people. But it does not often appear here, otherwise the white natural and unrestrained will not have that expression, since can let three famous Wang Du people come here together, I think this matter must not be simple. I just don't know what it is. Bai Qi did not ask much,classroom interactive whiteboard, people should be patient, Bai Qi knows that as long as he goes in, it will not be long before he knows, so why ask more? Anyway, no matter what it is, it has nothing to do with me. Speaking a few people one after another into the "moon floor" and Xiao Tian is closely followed in the white side, behind the white natural and unrestrained people Leng Leng, also quickly ran over, keep up with the pace of the white, for fear of being thrown away. Of course He is not so attached to Bai Qi, or he thinks that he can have any friendship with the three guys who are the most powerful in Wang Du when he is with Bai Qi. He does this just to show that he will be very honest. He is making a statement to Bai Qi. He is afraid that Bai Qi will go back to clean himself up. The moon building is very large, three layers of primitive architecture, smart interactive whiteboard ,digital interactive whiteboard, pure wood, fine workmanship, each carved with beautiful patterns, the central position is a huge stage, and the stage is surrounded by tables and chairs, to ensure that each position can clearly see everything in the center of the stage, the position of the door stands dozens of gray sackcloth waiters, one by one. When Bai Qi just walked in, someone immediately trotted over to greet them. At this moment, the room is full of people, guests and friends, a sea of people, a noisy sound in this "de Yue Lou" sounded. At a cursory glance, all the seats on the third floor were full of people, and each one was more or less with a few servants, one by one in beautiful clothes, thinking with his toes that the people here were either rich or noble. Bezos was obviously a regular customer, and when he arrived, the waiter immediately smiled humbly and said to Bezos in front of him, "Master Bezos, are you here?"? The seat reserved by you and the third prince is ready. Please come with me. As he spoke, he took Bai Qi and his party to the hall on the third floor. At the moment, it was full of people. There were only two seats in the center. They were in the best position. They could see the stage downstairs most clearly. You don't have to think about it. This must be the position of Bezos and Li Xunhuan. Brother Bai, come and do us here. After entering the hall on the third floor, he found a seat. As soon as Bezos stretched out his hand, he pulled Bai Qi to sit down. Li Xunhuan also sat down casually. Bezos's two servants stood on one side like two tall iron towers, with expressionless faces, while Li Xunhuan's four beautiful maids were clever to lick tea and pour water for the three people. The service was very thoughtful. As for the pitiful white natural and unrestrained, he sat aside in an interesting position. He didn't think he had a chance to sit with those two demons. Don't say you're going. They won't let him sit. Even if we let him pass. I'm afraid he will be restless himself. So he sat down with some servants at an empty table next to him. Hey, hey. Brother White. There is something good today. Otherwise, it would not attract so many people. Tut-tut. Are you interested. Compete together for a while? Just sit down. After Li Xunhuan's four beautiful maidservants poured the four people the good wine sent by the shopkeeper. Li Xunhuan grabbed a cup. Took a sip. Then he winked at Bai Qi. Oh? What is it After hearing this, Bai Qi also became interested. But look at Li Xunhuan's expression. Bai Qi has subconsciously associated with something. Just listening to his nickname, I know what kind of virtue this guy is. His smile made Bai Qi feel that the thing to be taken out today should be related to the beauty. Otherwise, this guy wouldn't care so much. And that's a good thing to say. Ha-ha Of course it's good stuff. Otherwise, how could Li Xunhuan, a peerless prostitute who is known as Wangdu Wanjilang, come here specially? You know,touch screen interactive whiteboard, at this time of day. He must be confessing his love to some beautiful aristocratic lady. Or playing the old hero saving the beauty scene. How can you have time to drink with me? Didn't wait for Li Xunhuan to speak. On this side, Bezos smiled. He joked. Oh? What the hell is it? Beauty? However That's not right. I can understand if the three princes like beautiful women to come here. Even the Bezos brothers could be you. But that Dugu Zhantian, he didn't come here for the beauty. I don't believe it. Bai Qi said hesitantly after hearing this. This is indeed the case. It is normal that Li Xunhuan likes beautiful women. Bezos is also possible. But Bai Qi didn't believe that Dugu Zhan Tian came here for the beauty. hsdsmartboard.com

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Nine Dragon Rings