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Remnant King's Royal Favor: Secret Agent Medical Concubine Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:38   Independent & Freelance   Calw   808 views Reference: 169
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"There's a lot of evil here. Did you really search it carefully?" The maids who had come to search turned pale, and there was some fear in their eyes. Report back to the adult, the maidservant several dare not conceal, already all carefully searched, did not discover anything! Wu Qiu's eyes frowned slightly, and his eyes looked in the direction of Mu Chu with a bit of surprise. Mu Chu lowered his eyebrows and hid his expression so that no one could see it clearly. Aunt Wu never opened her mouth, but when she came to Mu Wenyuan, she said in a low voice, "My Lord, this courtyard has always been inhabited by Cher Xiu. There has never been any problem in the house. Where did this evil spirit come from?" Wu Qiu suddenly turned his head and put his eyes on Mu Chu. Of course someone brought it! Mu Chu raised his head and looked at Wu Qiu with a gentle smile. "What Lord Wu said made my daughter feel very surprised. My daughter was innocent. When did she bring the evil spirit?" She turned her head slightly sideways, with a faint angry color hidden in her eyes: "Dad, do you really believe this false and sophisticated words? I don't know where you learned such a deceptive trick. I also said that you were so unlucky that you would fall down soon!" "Chu, don't be rude!" Mu Wenyuan's face turned red and his eyes were full of anger. As soon as he pointed his hand at Mu Chu, he saw Wu Qiu staggering, stepping on one foot in the pit and sitting on the ground in a terrible mess. Just now those unfathomable feelings almost disappeared, Wu Qiu's face was ferocious and twisted, holding his leg tightly,plastic laminated tube, clenching his teeth to endure the pain, a look was twisted to the foot. Muchu! Mu Cheng stared angrily at Mu Chu's direction. Mu Chu put his hands around his chest and narrowed his eyes slightly. "It seems that I'm really right. I'll be a sorceress in the future!" The corners of Mu Chu's mouth showed a sarcastic color, and Mu Wenyuan trembled all over, hurriedly letting people help Wu Qiu up. Wu Qiu bared his teeth and grinned, and his ankle hurt badly. Muchu would never tell him that the pit had been dug by the people they had sent before, and that she had just left in a hurry and had hastily covered it up with something and soil. I don't know why they didn't find out. The corners of her mouth overflowed with a faint smile and sarcasm,cosmetic tube, and she looked at Wu Qiu with a pair of bright eyes: "I don't know what Lord Wu is looking for in my yard in such a big way, but I can tell you crisply that the yard is absolutely clean, and there is nothing you want. If you want to find it, go somewhere else to search it. I forgot that the snow garden is next to the bamboo yard." According to Lord Wu just now, although it's not due south, it's not much different. Why don't you let someone search it? Chapter 116 what is it? Mu Wenyuan looked at Mu Chu's cool smile at the corners of his mouth and felt a little nervous in his heart. Wu Qiu limped and stood up straight with the help of two young men, but his eyes gushed with anger. Come on, don't take down this sorceress, Erxiu is obviously possessed by the evil spirit, Prime Minister Mu, when I completely expel the evil spirit, I will send Erxiu back to you intact! The four words intact were biting heavily in Wu Qiu's mouth, aluminium laminated tube ,polyfoil tube, and Mu Chu raised his eyebrows slightly. It seemed that the man in front of him, Lord Wu, was still a petty man. Lord Wu's mouth is empty and his teeth are white. Tell me, where can you see that I am possessed by evil spirits? Let's talk about it again. What kind of evil spirits are possessed by evil spirits? Mu Chu raised his head, a pair of bright eyes looking straight at Wu Qiu, the fundus of the cold slightly emitting, Wu Qiu only felt like being targeted by a poisonous snake. Lord Wu didn't want to be a good official, but he went to someone else's house to stir up trouble. What evil things? Lord Wu dared to tell the emperor about it. He wanted to take Ben Xiu away, but there was no way! Mu Chu was angry, looking at these pretentious people, she only felt a little sick. Originally, she wanted to pretend to show off her acting skills and wait until these people came back, but now she felt that it would be better to spread everything out and say that they could not go on with the scene. At least, now in the prime minister's mansion, no one can take her how, now Luo Wang is her backer, there is a free backer, she must be a person to hold on to what? Arrogant, she just likes to see these people's faces full of surprise and anger. Aunt Xu said softly, "Lord Wu is in a high position. Even the emperor trusts him very much. His words are naturally credible. If you don't know anything, don't talk nonsense!" Aunt Xu's face was like a beautiful flower, looking at Mu Chu's expression, showing a faint cool color. Mu Chu instantly understood who had caused all this. She had been concentrating on fighting with Yue Shi, but did not find that there was an ambitious Aunt Xu beside her. But fortunately, she has never put Aunt Xu in the eye, and now even if she wants to step on her, she has to look at the situation. There's some truth in what Aunt Xu said! Mu Wenyuan opened his mouth slowly, and his eyes were even colder: "The truth will not have a daughter like you who doesn't know how to behave. Come on, take Erxiu away!" As soon as Prime Minister Mu gave the order, several tall Mammy immediately came out. Mu Chu eyes slightly raised, at this time, not far from the yard, came a cry of surprise. The corners of her lips suddenly curved, and the people present were stunned. They immediately sent someone to check, and soon the messenger came. Xiangye, there is a servant girl. Found this in the yard of the eldest young master! A line appeared in the hands of the servant girl, the servant girl opened, Mu prime minister's face,cosmetic plastic tube, instant discoloration. It contained a little man with silver needles all over his body. The little man's chest was still covered with the date of his birth. When Lord Wu turned his head and looked over, he was so frightened that Mu Wenyuan shook his hand and buckled the lid of the box directly. Lord Wu glanced coldly at Prime Minister Mu. "What's in that box?" Mu Wenyuan stood up and tidied up the emotion on his face: "Lord Wu, it's nothing. This box is full of useless things!" Prime Minister Mu secretly motioned to the servant girl to throw the thing out. The servant girl turned around and was about to leave when she heard Lord Wu shout loudly. Stop! emptycosmetictubes.com

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