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Ren Tu _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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The wind fox sneered a few times and said sarcastically, "After decades of recuperation, I'm afraid everyone has the idea of coming out to fight for power and profit again. Well, since they can't save face, they have to pick out those puppets one by one. Then don't blame me for taking advantage of them first." "Pass my orders!" The Wind Fox straightened up and said with a cold smile, "Gather all hands, spread out, and follow me to exile." Have an official document ready. On the pretext of the unstable situation of the Exile Star, an executive government was formed in the Exile Star to replace the management power of the R-1 Military Region and the R-2 Military Region over the Exiled Star. Feng Hu smiled happily and said, "Elder Martial Brother, Third Younger Martial Brother, and all of you. If you don't do it, the Exile Star will fall into my hands alone.". Tomorrow's flower, tomorrow's flower, that's a good thing! You don't have to try your best to use puppets to test there. Let's spread out and say that we should rely on our own means. Flying into the small ship, several warships descended from the sky, protecting the small ship slowly left the tenth colony. A radio wave was quickly transmitted through several communication satellites to an underground cave somewhere on Mercury,14 needle valve, which is closest to the sun. In the secret cave, a wizened man who was sitting cross-legged and exercising Qi suddenly opened his eyes. Two silver lights as sharp as a steel knife shot out of his eyes. The man suddenly burst out laughing: "Second Elder Martial Brother, you still can't resist the first shot?"? Well, I'd rather be safe watching the play. Well, it's always cheaper to stab someone in the back than to confront them in the face. "Alas, in fact, we are all begging for food in the same bowl. What are we fighting for?"? What use is that power to us? Could it be that everyone has lived too long,brass tube fitting, so. Are you tired of living? The wizened man laughed for a long time before he suddenly stopped laughing and said sullenly, "Well, if you're tired of living, wouldn't it be better if I let a few of you die?" Somewhere on Mars, the moon, who was carefully cutting off her skin from a beautiful girl with a knife, suddenly straightened up. Two rays of purple light shot out of her eyes far away. Yuejue Yin smiled and said, "It's interesting. Are you going to fight in the nest again?"? Well, we have to join in the fun. I don't like you three perverts who want to die or not. It will be very comfortable and exciting to take off your skin and make clothes. Grinning grimly, Yuejue sighed loudly: "I really can't hold my breath.". R-2 military region has not been destroyed, just a group of dead dogs are not things, actually one by one can not wait to jump out. Self-cultivation, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,12 needle valve, self-cultivation! Your realm is really too bad. Trembling violently all over for a while, Yuejue gently stroked the girl's face, which had been stripped of her skin, and said gently, "Don't worry, I won't leave you until your skin is stripped off perfectly." Your blood is noble, you are also very beautiful, your skin, is also a peerless good leather, make clothes with it, will be very beautiful. With a few strange laughs, Yuejue slowly raised the smile on her hand and groaned softly: "Clothes made of your skin will be a hundred times more beautiful than you." The knife fell gently again. In another top-secret base on Mars, several white-haired old people could not help laughing crazily at the same time after hearing the reports from their subordinates. Good, very good, they wind door nest in turn, the bastard of the moon door must go to join in the fun! Don't pay attention to the little belongings of the exiled stars, all of them open their eyes wide and look carefully. Once the two of them are injured, they will quickly get them back for us to do the test materials! The little white mouse of the God level is rare these days. The whole executive government, like a hornet's nest suddenly drunk, was in a mess. Countless people began to move, one by one almost crazy orders, constantly issued to various units. On average, once every 60 years, the anti-war in the nest of the executive government has once again come on stage. Human Way Chapter IV Wind and Rain Chapter 47 www/xiaoshuotxt. Co m. Chapter 48 The white fire dragon sprayed by Moxi St. Rigg was still far away from Fang Wen. Fang Wen's body had already leaned back. His right leg bounced up fiercely, and his toes poked into the vital part of Moxi St. Rigg's Dantian. Mossi-Saint-Rigg's body retreated sharply, the fire dragon spurted forward, Fang Wen was a clear drink, the body completely violated the laws of nature, followed by Mossi-Saint-Rigg sliding forward. The fire dragon clung to Fang Wen's face to fly over, Fang Wen's forward speed was a little faster after all, the tiptoe mercilessly hit Moses-Saint-Rigg. With a dull hum, Moxi St. Rigg vomited blood and backed up. He looked at Fang Wen in horror, wondering how Fang Wen could have hurt him. Dozens of people in the presence of the St. Rigg family shouted angrily at the same time, pulling out all kinds of strange weapons and aiming them at Fang Wen. Let's play a little bigger! Fang Wen laughed coldly. He already had a calculation in mind, since he was pushed to the front stage by the people of the moon pole and the moon remnant, then perhaps the more fierce he made, the happier they would be? No matter how Fang Wen calculated, he felt that he had come to exile the star in order to let him make trouble. When the sword was unsheathed, Fang Wen's figure suddenly blurred. His body seemed to explode in an instant,stainless steel needle valve, and thousands of afterimages jumped out of him with a bang. At that moment, Fang Wen broke through to the highest speed he could bear now. He didn't wield his sword hard at all. He just dragged the sword gently across the necks of the St. Rigg family. The sword gas brought up at high speed was enough to cut off their heads. In about a few tenths of a second, all the people present in the St. Rigg family were killed by Fang Wen. chinaroke.com

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