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Su Yongchuan Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:40   Independent & Freelance   Saarlouis   141 views Reference: 428
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The three girls were in a mess, and soon Kim Hyo-won and Lin Yuner joined in. Only Xu Zhuxian sat quietly aside, eating baked sweet potatoes in small bites. However, looking at that smiling expression, how can there be some secretly refueling for both sides. So while playing and eating, Cui Xiuying destroyed two big rice balls to fill her stomach. Several girls packed up the scene of the "dinner party", washed and washed separately, and then returned to their respective practice rooms, waiting for the afternoon course to begin. It was estimated that because the teacher was coming, the practice room, which had been somewhat noisy, was much quieter. Next is a class B dance form class, the amount of exercise is not very large, but the concentration of the students is very high, just suitable for the trainees who have just had lunch and are not concentrated. Kim Hyo-yon and Kwon Yu-ri had already gone to the dance class in Class A, while Jung Soo-yeon ran to the vocal music classroom. Choi Soo-young, who was full, also began to move her hands and feet slowly. Because she had just finished eating, the girl simply stretched her muscles all over her body. Suddenly, Lin Yuner asked in a low voice, "Sister Xiuying, how do you know that Xiaoxian's death point is sweet potato?" With his big eyes rolling, it was obvious that he was planning something in his heart. That's all I know. Cui Xiuying tried to pull her legs from various angles,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, and the effect of the ballroom dance training gradually appeared. The new way of exerting force was very inspiring to the girl. Even with a pair of legs, she seemed to be strong and full of elasticity. Sometimes on the way home, we would occasionally meet Xiaoxian, and we would go shopping and eat roadside stalls together, eating and eating, we would know Xiaoxian's preferences. "Eating and eating..?" Lin Yuner half opened his mouth, "so you and Xiaoxian often go shopping and eat together, sister Xiuying, you are too partial,30ml dropper bottle, why don't you call me?"? ~” "It's not the same time as when you came home." Cui Xiuying curled her lips. Be sure to call me next time. Lin Yuner carefully considered, for training, Lin Yuner is actually very serious. She knows that although the teachers are very optimistic about her appearance, but she is smart and self-aware, for singing and dancing, Yoon knows that her ability really can not be said to be s sè. So, at a young age but very strict with herself, she became one of the last trainees to leave the company. Big deal, I follow you to finish eating and then go back to the company to continue practicing ~ ~! "Ha ha." This deer is really too cute, Su Yong so while thinking while waiting for the teacher's arrival. Suddenly, the girl realized something was wrong. "Ah, Yoon, why are you still here? Why don't you hurry back to your practice room?!" "Hey, sister Xiuying, you will know later." Lin Yuner's smiling eyes are curved, and her sly expression is like a little fox stealing chickens. The girl still wanted to speak, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, when the teacher came in. Teacher Gao, who taught dance forms, was famous for his sternness in S · M. The girl had to shut up and swallow her questions. After entering the door, teacher Gao clapped his hands and saw that the practice room was completely quiet. Then he opened his mouth casually: "Today, we are going to welcome a new child to join us. Her name is Lin Yuner." The teacher made a gesture to look around, and Lin Yuner, who was full of eyesight, quickly stood up and saluted the teacher. Teacher Huang of Class C told me that he was very optimistic about this child, so he let her upgrade. You advanced brothers and sisters should refuel and not surpass the younger generation. This teacher! Cui Xiuying saw that because of teacher Gao's words, all of a sudden everyone focused on Lin Yuner, a little worried quietly grabbed the little girl's hand. Lin Yuner's face is still a charming smile, looking very calm. She bowed around respectfully, and then said, "Maybe Mr. Huang thought I was too noisy in class, so he drove me out.". I joined the company not long ago, and I don't know anything, so please give me a lot of advice. Listening to these words, teacher Gao, who had been watching Lin Yuner, smiled and said nothing. She just clapped her hands again and started today's lesson. Around the meaning of those unknown eyes are also followed by the retreat, Lin Yuner again to the four lines of a circle of salute, then slowly close to Cui Xiuying sat down. "That's right, Yoon. You're really good." Cui Xiuying tightened the little girl's hand in the palm of her hand, put her mouth close to Lin Yuner's ear, and encouraged her in a low voice. Only she knew that the calm girl's palms were all cold sweat. It's just the beginning, but I know you can do it. Come on, deer. [Text Chapter 30 Beautiful Eyes] Chapter 30, Beautiful Eyes “…… When performing, it is very difficult for you to show your most beautiful side at all times, but also in the fierce dance. I can tell you that there are skills and tricks here, but there is no shortcut! All you have to do is practice, practice, practice, and importantly, practice with your head. Through practice, just like polishing gems, we can polish off all our ugly gestures and unconscious small movements carefully and painstakingly. But the frustrating thing is. Teacher Gao, who was teaching, shrugged his shoulders with an indifferent expression. "Even if you try your best to do this, there is nothing to be happy about, because this step is only Level _ 1, because I believe that your goal of coming here as a trainee is not to be a background dancer for a lifetime, but to be the focus of attention, a star, an idol singer.". Then it is certain that the singing part will be added to the dance in the future practice. At that time, it is no longer as simple as paying attention to posture. That level of training will have more complex and demanding breath requirements, smooth dancing, smooth voice, which is not easy for anyone to do. So, those who have no brains, can't insist, and lack of understanding,Serum Bottle With Dropper, quit as soon as possible, study hard and take the university entrance examination, don't waste your green chūn here! penghuangbottle.com

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