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The dragon crosses the river Full-time Job

Nov 24th, 2022 at 04:09   Engineering   Adlershof   416 views Reference: 101
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Absorbed the dragon blood of the dragon knife as if it was reborn to reveal its true colors, there is no mood to urge hair, there is a long blue knife awn free stretching, like savoring the blood of the dragon, from time to time issued a sizzling sound, although it is a lower dragon race, but also enough to awaken its glory. Although Qingqing Apple Fragrance lay on the ground, staring at the dragon knife, he thought to himself that one day you would be mine! Only then did we notice that the handle of the Dragon Sword had disappeared, but was integrated with the hand of the mood. The fine dragon teeth protected the wrist, and a thin knife gas extended up the arm, protecting the whole mood. Occasionally, it made a clear sound. This was the fighting state of the Dragon Sword, the best soldier in the world! At this time, the dragon knife has the absolute function of breaking the defense when killing the dragon! Truly invincible! The dragons are arrogant, but they are obedient to the stronger races. The ice dragons can't get rid of the fear of the ten thousand years of inheritance. The dragon knife that has been missing for a long time has appeared again! Our BT goblin Fiat, greedily looking at the mood and the knife in her hand, said to himself. "How beautiful and lovely ah, although is the human race, but the name of the goblin prince is not racial discrimination, you and your knife should belong to me, protect me!" "Migyas, quick, kill them, freeze them all!" Urged by the secret language contract, Migyas did not dare to approach the dragon knife, but was not afraid of its master. The clever ice dragon suddenly found that the master of "it" was not as powerful as "it". Although time could not destroy "it", the person who mastered it had changed. If it could eliminate the hidden danger of the dragon clan, it would become the hero of the dragon clan! With the help of the goblins, Migyas begins to unleash its ultimate magic, Absolute Zero! He's gonna freeze them all! The cold air spurted out of the dragon's mouth, and the dragon's wings began to keep flapping to speed up the flow of the cold air, and the sharp edge formed by the cold air came to us. Life value is rapidly decreasing,fine bubble diffuser, we can only desperately supplement the potion! I can't go on like this. I'm out of here! Although under the protection of the dragon knife, the mood is also lost the ability to attack, after all, the knife is the original knife, the mood is not the former dragon hero, do not know which abnormal strong "person" to make such a powerful knife. I teleported continuously with the mood to open the frontal attack. "Wife, it's up to you!" In the mood of regaining mobility, Lima launched an attack on the dragon head! Jasper kills the dragon!!! The dragon knife itself is also excited to sing up, ice dragon Migyas a look at the situation is not good immediately wrapped his head with wings, but it is still overestimated himself, even the top dragon can slaughter the sword how can not cut it?? A Jiao drink, the whole ice dragon was divided into two halves! Not even a scream came out, and the body of the separation flopped twice on the ground and burst. Water Artifact-Water God Belt! A snow-white belt fell from the sky, my heart a happy, obedient Longlidong, waiting for it! Suddenly, wall penstocks ,lamella tube, a figure quickly snatched it and put it into his space bag. It's Qingqing Apple Fragrance. This guy was lying half dead on the ground just now, and now he's as flexible as a fox!!! "Oh, soul-eating brother, don't thank me for the gift, I'm not polite, we'll see you later!" Said flashing the light of the scroll back to the city, ran! As soon as his men saw that the boss had succeeded, they also left with Lima. There were only six of us left in the hall, and there was a goblin in a daze. Dizzy, by clear clear apple sweet white picked up a big bargain, hey, blame oneself hand is slow completely! System prompt: "Player Mood, the first player to kill the Dragon Clan, reward a piece of Ice Dragon Armor, experience value 200000" The golden light flashed, the mood of the body changed into a glittering ice dragon armor, more heroic, moving and unusual, at the same time, the mood finally waited until level 75. Although we are dissatisfied with Qingqing Apple Fragrance picked up a big bargain, but there is nothing to say, who told people to be quick, and this place was discovered by others first. …… Is this the difference between a good person and a bad person? Look for shortcomings in yourself first. Goblin Fiat has lost interest in these "barbarians" in front of them, before they find themselves, or run away quickly! Hiss! What's that on your neck? It's cool. Woo, a sharp sword! 'What's The matter? Where does our beloved Prince Fiat want to go? I've been looking at it for a long time. This guy is a ghost prince anyway. He must be able to do something good! "Hey, nothing." I want to go to the bathroom, you know, the goblin also has three urgent! "Is it?"? You see if they'll let you go? BT goblins a look, desperately three wolves, they all looked at it ferociously. …… Whoo, whoo Sweat, actually began to cry. Now the BT goblin sits on the ground howling and crying, looking at me, we are stunned, if it resists, it can be killed, so. We can't do it. But you can't spare it so lightly! I put on the most ferocious expression in my life to let it know that the man in front of me is a killer! "Boy, if you cry once, I'll cut off one of your ears. If you cry twice, I'll cut it off and add a leg!" Hearing this, Fiat immediately stopped crying and looked at me longingly, which was more injured than a wounded rabbit! "You see, you have caused so much trouble with us, but the artifact has been taken away by our enemies, you say, the goddess will let this unfair thing happen here?" Hit a wink to the mood, the mood knows the dragon knife like it. The fellow shivered and groped for his head. The little hand began to rummage and rummage in his little pocket, and finally pulled out one head, and I helped him pull the rest out. Hey hey, this is the real water system artifact-ice and snow goddess's instructions, the younger brother is willing to dedicate to you, to show my sincerity! I handed the artifact to the mood,Belt Filter Press, but the mood was given to Cher, Cher wanted to refuse, the mood pulled her aside. khnwatertreatment.com

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