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The way to attack and receive _ 20200215155706. Full-time Job

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Feng Zhuang looked at the laser gun in his hand, and when he did not speak, his lips were habitually slightly pursed, giving people a very stern feeling. According to Weizo's information, Weizo graduated from the Imperial Military Academy three years ago, and there was nothing outstanding on his report card. According to the regulations, the cadets who graduated from the Imperial Military Academy would be awarded the rank of lieutenant, which seemed to be very consistent with the three years after graduation. But Feng Zhuang always felt that something was hidden, and sure enough, he went deep into the investigation of Vizo and encountered obstacles. Even his current identity is still unknown. Vizzo's shooting results gave him a "surprise" and seemed to indirectly prove that Vizzo should not be as ordinary as his report card during his time in the military Academy. Coming out of the shooting range, Weizuo led Fengzhuang to drink. Of course, the place Weizuo chose was far less elegant and quiet than Fengzhuang. The environment in the tavern is noisy, and the staff is even more mixed. The colorful and dazzling dim lights, together with the smell of alcohol, smoke and human body, make Fengzhuang, who is a bit of a neat freak, frown. Vizo ordered a dozen drinks and put them on the counter, opened a bottle and handed it to Feng Zhuang. At the suggestion of Vizo, Feng Zhuang changed his civilian clothes before he came into the tavern. Now Feng Zhuang is glad that he changed his civilian clothes. Otherwise,heavy duty rack manufacturers, if an imperial general appeared in such a tavern, many people would speculate about his intention to come here, which would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Not long after they sat down, three or four people came to talk to Vizzo. Feng Zhuang frowned more deeply as he watched Weizuo laugh and talk with the people he accosted. Weizuo's life seemed a little indulgent to him, especially when Weizuo drank a bottle of wine in just a few minutes. Dismissing the pick-up, Vizo looked at the untouched bottle in front of Fengzhuang and smiled, "Not used to it?" He grabbed the bottle in front of him and smiled at the waiter behind the counter. "A glass of Masman." The waiter mixed the wine skillfully, smoothly and gracefully,teardrop pallet racking, and soon a glass of Masman, which was very natural from lavender on the top to black on the bottom, was placed in front of Fengzhuang. Abstinence, seriousness, and intensity, Vizo felt that Masman and Feng Zhuang were a good match. Vizo did not know where to get a jasmine flower, pulled off the petals one by one, and stuffed them into the bottle with the cap open. After that, he picked up the bottle and shook it, watching the white petals floating and rotating in the transparent wine, as if they had just been blown down from the branches by the wind, light and graceful. He took a sip from the bottle, with a jasmine petal between his lips, and Vizzo chewed it a few times and swallowed it. Vizo is a frequent visitor to the tavern. Many guests in this tavern are attracted by his charm, metal racking systems ,metal racking systems, but not many of them can be seen by Vizo. After a long time, the guests all know that there is a beauty in the tavern. The beauty is very picky. When the news got out, it attracted more people to the pub. The owner of the tavern is very good at doing business. As long as Vizzo comes to the tavern, all the drinks he orders are free. The tavern waiters all know Vizo, for his request as far as possible to meet, Vizo now want to pull petals, not to mention jasmine, is the corn poppy, as long as you can get a short time, will let Vizo pull to enjoy. After watching him pull the jasmine, the waiter took some roses and lilies and put them at his hand. Vizzo tore the petals into small pieces and stuffed them into the bottle, enjoying it. Fengzhuang took a sip of Masman. As soon as he entered the mouth, a bitter taste instantly stimulated his taste buds. A burning feeling spread from the taste buds on the tip of his tongue. Fengzhuang felt that his taste buds were paralyzed and could not feel the taste. Gradually, he felt the mellow aroma, which was a kind of aftertaste. Fengzhuang had never drunk a cocktail of this flavor. During this period, Vizzo had another pick-up person beside him. After being drunk three bottles of wine by Vizzo with a smile, he staggered away. Vizzo smiled and beckoned the waiter not to forget to collect the money. At this time, Vizzo's eyes were very bright, and his eyes were bright and clear green. In just one hour, there were more than a dozen pick-up people in Weizuo. Of course, Feng Zhuang's appearance was excellent, and there were also females who came to pick him up and were killed by the murderous look in his eyes before he opened his mouth. Coming out of the tavern, it was still early, and for Vizzo it was the shortest time he had ever spent in a tavern. At night, the lights of the city came on, and the airship flew over the streets in an orderly and orderly manner. Vizzo's hands were in the pockets of his coat, and his posture was extremely relaxed. Feng Zhuang stood beside him. We are people who live in two worlds. You are not used to the noise and chaos of this world, and I don't want to get used to the deception in your world. I'm satisfied with my life now and I don't want to change it. Said Vizzo, taking a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it, taking a puff in his mouth, and exhaling a smoke ring. Go back to your own world. Vizo turned to look at him with a smile on his lips. "As you can see, I have no shortage of lovers in my life if I want to.". So, that's it. It's time for you to go back, Admiral Dodditun. "Would you consider it if I greeted you with the courtesy of the main room?" Feng Zhuang said. Vizo turned around and looked at Fengzhuang ten paces away, with a sarcastic smile at the corners of his mouth. Under the light of the night, his face seemed to be soaked with the brilliance of the moon, which made Fengzhuang think of an ancient poem he had read: There is a beautiful woman in the north, who is left behind and independent. Look at the city, and then look at the country. I don't need you in my life. Vizo's tone and expression at the moment were the gentlest that Fengzhuang had ever seen. Then Vizo turned away. The hem of his windbreaker swung with the rhythm of his walking. He quickly disappeared from Fengzhuang's sight. 8. Combat (1) Since that day, Feng Zhuang has not appeared in front of Vizo again. Vizzo smiled, and life went back to its usual "mix.". It's all right, but occasionally I'll be in a daze in front of nothingness. Tiago, find these files and take them to the army headquarters and give them to Colonel Steve. The section chief looked at the idle Vizo and assigned him an errand. The files on the list were all placed in the thirteenth district, which was originally Vizo's duty. Find out the files on the list. There are many things, all piled up half a meter high. Get the files down from section 13,shuttle rack system, put them in the airship, and Vizzo to the army headquarters. The third intelligence section and the military headquarters are not in the same area. The third intelligence section is in the fourth area, and the military headquarters is in the seventh area. It takes more than 40 minutes for the airship to pass. kingmoreracking.com

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