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The world of love Full-time Job

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"Well, I'll tell Dongshan about the situation here first." I nodded and looked at the cold air standing beside me in a daze. I know he is talking to Hongye Dongshan privately. What should I do at this time? It's boring to wait. I haven't heard from Xiao Hao for a long time. Anyway, there is nothing to do now. Why don't I ask. Secret in the past, Xiao Hao is actually online. After sorting out the emotional relationship with the Orchid in the Demon Land Xiao Hao is practicing level training crazily. He told me that everything was fine at home and that my body was still lying there without any improvement. After talking for a while, I turned around and realized that the cold air was looking at me. He smiled and said, "I was worried that you were waiting for me. Now I'm waiting for you." Smiling apologetically, I didn't say anything to the cold air. I pointed to a lantern not far away and said, "There are twelve lanterns ahead. Be careful to get by." As soon as he heard that there were still twelve difficulties, the cold air made an exaggerated image of crying, folded his hands and said, "I hope these monsters are not as powerful as snake people.". Otherwise, all our previous efforts will be wasted. Starting from 20 points, 20 articles, 20 networks, 20 authorized to release good books in the www.cmfu.com. Text 11/6 The scream of cold air (From 5L to 5L,Time Delay Faucet, update time: 2006-7-29 10:54:00 Number of words in this chapter: 2046) Summoning the ice dragon, I dragged the cold air with a depressed face towards the first lantern. I don't know what time it is now in the pet world, but in a foggy valley, a lantern with a faint light is hanging in the dark brown air. In the gloomy atmosphere, the light of the lantern is particularly strange and frightening. As the first lantern approached, the cold air pointed to a gray place not far away and screamed loudly,Flushometer valve, "Oh, my God.." What is that? If a woman's scream can inspire people, then this man's scream is definitely out of print among men. Before my face changed and I was frightened, the cold air finally ended his shocking ghost cry. He stuttered, "Look, those things are disgusting." Following the direction of his finger, I faintly saw countless small things wriggling and exploring on the gray ground. Walking a few steps quickly, I stopped where I could see it clearly. It was some wheat-green meat insects. Their small bodies, about an inch long, were covered with green body fluids. Their tiny heads arched restlessly around, and the long whiskers on their heads dodged each other. Except for the body fluids on the insects, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, they were disgusting. I didn't feel the exaggerated feeling in the mouth of the cold air. This man is more than a woman! The cold air did not know that I had made this beautiful conclusion to him in my heart, and even covered his mouth with one hand as if he was really going to vomit. That's an exaggeration! Curiously, I took a closer look at the cold air. His slightly trembling body and the cold sweat in his palms seemed to prove that the man was not putting on airs. Could it be that these insects were really so disgusting? Then why don't I feel so strongly? I found someone approaching, and the insects on the ground not far away were shaking their heads, like thousands of troops approaching me and the cold air. They approached us with a slow, unusually orderly rhythm, looking at the endless army of insects, and the ice dragon roared over my head in a low voice, flicked its tail, and pounced straight on me. Now that the ice dragon has started, I naturally open the magic shield and set up a wall of fire. The sound of "poof, poof, poof" came out continuously, and the magic fire made the little insects crawling on the ground turn their skin and flesh, and the green liquid splashed everywhere, and the whole air was filled with a strange smell. Oh. "The cold air finally vomited out, regardless of the image of the side bent down to vomit and vomit." I'm interested in the green liquid.. Allergy Glancing at the cold air, I didn't answer him, the little green insect on the ground. "It's Slim," the ice dragon said, turning his head to me with a blast of cold air. "Ah!"! Can the dragon speak? The cold air with a discomfited face was so surprised to hear the voice of the ice dragon that he forgot his nausea. Idiot I gave the cold air a hard look. Have you finished vomiting? Come and help the ice dragon when you finish vomiting. "It's inhuman." The cold air shouted, but it moved its body and leaned towards me. "Pow" It happened that a Shrem had been burned by the fire, and the green liquid had just fallen on the face of the cold air, and the cold air was vomiting again. Frowning, I pulled the cold air behind me to shield him from the body fluids that had burst out before Slim died. In fact, to put it bluntly, Shrem is not a very fierce monster. I just put magic fire in the place where there is no wall of fire. In the wall of fire less than three meters away, Shrem is immortal in the fire. Looking at the countless dead and wounded insects, I can't help sighing for their fearless spirit. Careful While I was distracted, a slime that had rushed through my wall of fire and managed to climb to my feet was holding up its mutilated head and biting down on my feet. The blood value of 200 dropped, and the worst thing was that Slim would not let go when he bit on his foot. After a moment, I felt that the blood value was insufficient and I was dizzy. A bolt of thunder and lightning fell on Slim, and Slim, who was riddled with holes, finally died and fell at my feet. Alas,push button toilet flush valve, I blamed myself for being in a daze when the battle was so tight. I gave a grateful look to the cold air that had just saved my life. Whoa! Freezing point, do you have a fever? Why are you winking at me? The cold air laughed and put the magic fire at my feet. Bah! The affection for the cold air that had just been bred disappeared. He had to use the ice roar again and again. I can't let the damn Shrem get close to my body any more. With this belief, thousands of Shrem are strangled by me and the cold air in the first three points of our body. cnkexin.com

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