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Tian Long Ba Bu Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:21   Independent & Freelance   Cappeln   234 views Reference: 147
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"The young monk wants to go to Shenhe Village," said Jiumo Zhi. "Can the young lady show him the way?" The girl said with a smile, "No one outside will know the name of Shenhe Village. Where did Master hear it from?" "The young monk is a close friend of Mr. Murong," said Jiumo Zhi. "He has come to offer a sacrifice at the tomb of his old friend in order to fulfill his old promise. And hope to know Murong Childe Qingfan. The young girl said thoughtfully, "Jiemo is really very skillful!"! Mr. Murong had just come out of the gate the day before yesterday. At the end of the third day after the master's arrival, he met Mr. Murong. Jiumo Zhi said, "It's melancholy to meet your son. But the little monk has come all the way from Tufan to China. I'd like to worship at the tomb of Mr. Murong to fulfill my wish." "Master is a good friend of Master Murong," said the young girl. "Please go and have a cup of green tea first, and I'll give you the news. What do you say?" "Who is the young lady in the house of the prince?" Asked Jiumo Zhi? What should I call it? The girl smiled and said, "Oh!"! I am a little girl who plays the lute and flute. My name is Abi. "Don't ask for the courtesy of the big lady and the little lady. Call me Abby." She spoke Suzhou white, which was not easy to understand, but she was a maid of a martial arts family. She thought she usually heard a lot of Mandarin, so she tried to add some Mandarin in her speech. Jiumo Zhi and Duan Yu could barely understand it. Then Jiumo Zhi said respectfully, "I dare not!" (Note: Ah Bi's Wu dialect can only have a little flavor in the book. If it is all written in Su Bai, the reader will certainly not understand it. Jiumo Zhi and Duan Yujia-er should not be refreshing.) "It's all by water from here to Yanziwu Qinyun Xiaozhu," said Abi. "If all of you want to go, I'll row a boat to see you off." Every time she asked a "good felling (mouth felling)", she was courteously inquiring and discussing with soft language, which made it difficult for people to refuse. "That's a lot of work," said Jiumo Zhi. Holding Duan Yu's hand, he gently jumped into the boat. The boat sank only a little, but never swayed. Bi smiled at Jiumo Zhi and Duan Yu and seemed to say, "What a skill!" "What's the matter,plastic pallet manufacturer, Martial Uncle?" Guo Yanzhi asked in a low voice. The two of them came to seek revenge from Murong, but it was really embarrassing to be in such a mess. "Come, two grandfathers," said Abby with a smile, "you've come to Suzhou. If you don't have anything important to do, please go to the open place to have a cup of tea and a snack. Don't look at the small boat, and don't sink even if there are a few more people in it. She paddled the boat gently, came to the willow tree,plastic pallet crates, stretched out her slender hand, put away the abacus and soft whip, and fiddled with the beads, clanging. Duan Yu only heard a few times and exulted, "Miss, are you playing'Picking Mulberry '?" It turned out that she touched the beads casually, slowly and slowly, and had her own rhythm, which turned out to be two crisp and agile sentences of "picking mulberry". "Ah Bi smiled and said," Master, you are good at music. Would you like to play a song? " Seeing that she was innocent and amiable, Duan Yu said with a smile, "I can't play the abacus." Turning to Cui Baiquan, he said, "Mr. Huo, they've made your abacus sound so good." Cui Baiquan smiled and said, plastic pallet crates ,drum spill pallet, "Not bad, not bad.". The girl is really an elegant person. My most vulgar family has become a musical instrument in the hands of the girl. "Oh, I'm really sorry," said Abby. "Is this Uncle Huo's? This abacus is really exquisite. There must be copper coins in your house, and even the abacus is made of gold. Uncle Huo, still dial you. She held the abacus in her left hand and stretched her arm. Cui Baiquan was on the shore, unable to get it, and he really couldn't bear to part with this old friend who never left his body for a moment. Gently, he went to the bow of the boat, reached out his hand to take the abacus, and turned his head sideways to stare at Jiumo Zhi. Jiumo Zhi always had a kind smile on his face, and there was no sulk at all. Holding the soft whip in her left hand, Abi raised the tip of the whip. Five fingers of her right hand strung down the whip. Her fingernails touched the raised edges and corners of the soft whip one by one, and immediately made clear sounds of Ding, Ling, Dong and Long. Her five fingers are like a new lute, a weapon that has fought across the north and south of the Yangtze River and the heroes of the underworld, and has become a musical instrument in her white and tender hands. "Wonderful, wonderful!" Cried Duan Yu! Girl, you just play it. "Does this soft whip belong to this old man?" Said Abi to Guo Yanzhi? It's so rude for me to play with it in a mess. "Come aboard, sir, and I'll call you to eat the scarlet water chestnut after a rest." Guo Yanzhi hated his teacher very much, and he hated the Murong family in Gusu very much. But when he saw the little girl smiling and innocent, although he was full of hatred, it was difficult for him to attack her. He thought to himself, "She led me to the village. That's the best thing. At least she had to kill a few of him first to avenge her teacher." Then he nodded and jumped to the boat. Bi rolled up the soft whip and handed it to Guo Yanzhi. With a pull of the wooden oar, the boat slid westward. Cui Baiquan and Guo Yanzhi exchanged a few glances and both thought, "I'm going deep into the tiger's den today. I don't know what life and death will be like.". Murong's hand is extremely vicious, this little girl is gentle and gentle, it seems true, but how do you know it's not Murong's arrogant enemy? Teach us to take precautions, and he can take advantage of it. Boating on the lake, a few turns, then turned into a large lake, as far as the eye can see, but see the vast waves, distant water to the sky. Guo Yanzhi is secretly frightened: "This big lake must be Taihu Lake.". Martial Uncle Cui and I don't know how to swim. This little girl only needs to turn over the boat, and then we sink into the lake and feed the fish and turtles. What else do you say about avenging the teacher? Cui Baiquan also thought of this festival, thinking that if she could hold the wooden oar in her hand, the little girl would want to capsize the boat, but it was not so easy. She said, "Girl, I'll help you row the boat. You just need to point out the direction." "Oh," said Abby with a smile, "I don't deserve it. "If my son knew it, he would scold me for neglecting the guests." When Cui Baiquan saw that she refused, he was even more suspicious. "To tell you the truth," he said with a smile, "we want to hear the girl's unique skill of playing music on a soft whip. We are rough people, but this Duan Childe is good at piano,plastic pallet manufacturer, chess, calligraphy and painting. Bi took one look at Duan Yu and said with a smile, "I'm playing with a white face. What kind of stunt is that?"? "Mr. Duan is so elegant. Listen to him laugh and laugh. I don't want to come." binpallet.com

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