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Urban All-Power Master Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:39   Independent & Freelance   Calden   242 views Reference: 6
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Chen Ling expressed some of his views, all of which were based on his browsing of some F-22 data. In fact, the mystery of the F-22 on the periphery has made this fourth-generation fighter completely overestimated. Judging from the top-secret F-22 simulated combat experiment in the United States, the F-22 still has some unavoidable weaknesses. Chen Ling gave the key words of these weaknesses, the loopholes of laser integrated flight data link, the defects of non-cooperative identification capability, and the deciphering of electromagnetic wave radio frequency management technology. Finally, Chen Ling scanned the data report part of the F-22's whole experiment as evidence, so that those guys would not talk nonsense. Having done all this, Chen Ling paused and ordered the computer again: Give me the IP address of a post and finally connect it to the address of the Hundred Days Dynasty website. The command is fulfilled instantaneously. I don't know how I will feel after the US investigation is clear. Heh heh. Since you two are working together, let's create a crack first. Chen zero to see the time is almost ready to offline, if in the toilet for a long time, is monitoring his agents may also suspect. After just sending a card, forum jumped to give a new card again "the place of the laughable of Zhuge Liang", send card person: Deadlock! Chen Ling frowns: Deadlock, this guy he knows. In the military history literature edition is a famous Zhuge black, I do not know if Zhuge 1.8 meters too handsome or feel how, this deadlock often spray. I don't know how many times he has quarreled in the military history literature section. What he likes most is to distort history. For example,titanium machining parts, Li Shimin clearly praised Zhuge Liang and belittled Sima Rui, which was completely reversed in his eyes. Later, N people used evidence to make their faces swollen and refused to admit their mistakes. They learned that the "S-curve Chrysanthemum Treasure Book" handed down by "Sister Furong" fabricated history while fabricating history. They seemed to regard themselves as historians, and what they said was really similar to history. Just started to see his mouth hard quite funny, gradually, this Ao Jiao more and more energetic, every month there are always a few times to send a black Zhuge Liang's post. He is also a person that Chen Ling hates very much. Go in and read the post,DIN screw plug, as expected, this "historical beast" has completed a set of Zhuge Liang's "incompetence" in the brain. To deal with such a person, Chen Ling has always felt that it would be better if he sent any post and all the people poured water. Deadlock, your mother calls you home for dinner! Chen Lingfa finished and suddenly showed a sly smile. Your deadlock usually relies on the military history moderator not to be very imposing, today lets you be more imposing. Give me an order, in this forum, as long as the ID of deadlock is published, any reply content will be automatically replaced by "deadlock, your mother calls you home for dinner!" This sentence! After the order, the second one said, "Sit on the bench, model God, watch the deadlock spray!" The content automatically becomes the instruction. Chen Ling nodded with satisfaction. Data manipulation has found a fun place. After calculating the astronomical price, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, Chen Ling walked out of the toilet. Dear, listen to my explanation, I really don't hang up on you with a guilty conscience, really. Hello Hello *** your Unicom. Why is there no signal suddenly? A handsome man screamed in the corridor. Explode the dragon, ha ha. Why aren't you moving? Ah? Ah Please don't drop the line. A howl of pig-butchering shocks the corridor. Webmaster, I want to die with you! Where Chen Ling passed, there were people in distress everywhere. Suddenly, he remembered that he had not lifted the frequency block, and the young man was ashamed. It turned out that he had lost the signal of all mobile phones, networks and radios within a certain range. Sin, sin! Chen Ling removed the power and returned to the dormitory. In the 502 dormitory, Fang Mengze entered the door and asked Wu Gang, the eldest brother, who was reading a book, curiously: "Did the youngest brother take the wrong medicine?" "What's the matter?" Wu Gang glanced at him. Damn it, the youngest is practicing bel canto. Several animals got up from the bed and saw Chen Ling standing on the balcony facing the girls' dormitory, "ah, ah," shouting rhythmically. "The opposite girl is staring at Chen Ling." Damn it, youngest, you have a girlfriend and you're still in love. I don't want to, either. Chen Ling gnashed his teeth with hatred and continued to shout in a beautiful voice. …… The princess drank a cup of pure natural milk with milk fragrance and no melamine, and stared at the computer screen. It was a program design that was so complicated that people wanted to jump off a building. The princess looked at it with relish, and the corners of her mouth raised a trace of eager radian. The mobile phone rang and the princess was connected to the private phone that only a few people knew about. Grandpa "Well, the program is almost designed." "XO showed up?" The princess's surprise flashed by, and she went on to say in a nonchalant tone: "He's already started publishing those secrets of the United States."? Yeah, I know. "Okay, I'll do it as soon as possible." "Yes.". Grandpa After hanging up the phone, the princess drank a mouthful of milk and her eyes became solemn. After thinking about it, she opened a small website called D4K. At the moment, the website's traffic was bursting. The "firewall" designed by the princess actually found that more than 100 hackers were attacking a post on the website. These website addresses came from all over the world. The princess put down the cup, and her slender fingers played the black and white keys of the piano on the keyboard, full of amazing beauty. In a minute. All hackers who break into D4K quit! …… "Frequency control": Number: 99 Level: Intermediate Capabilities: Control the received signal, can mask, change, forge the frequency, etc. Price: 300 seconds of bel canto practice. Chapter 29 sweaty eyes blurred. It is also a very accidental thing that D4K will be attacked by hundreds of hackers. On the forum, there is a netizen named Lan Elf, who likes to read books in a novel website called, and then will post some face-beating information in D4K, such as which book has only hundreds of collections but hundreds of thousands of clicks, dozens of collections but thousands of votes and so on,socket screw plug, which often makes the writer at a loss, so in D4K is called never face-beating aunt Lan. (Tears for tickets, for collection to avoid being hit in the face ~). autoparts-dx.com

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