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Who is not a little princess (modern rebirth) Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:53   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   258 views Reference: 33
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Said she stared at Yan, she felt that her reason is very good, even if she wants to jump, this long back skirt can not be convenient to move, not to mention her body has layers of white gauze. Unexpectedly, the swallow did not retreat in the face of difficulties, but smiled softly and said, "Really?" "What.." As soon as Zhong Ling was stunned, she suddenly felt light on her body. She looked up and saw Yan Yi stepping onto the platform of the throne. One hand grabbed the gauze on her waist and pulled it gently. In an instant, the luxurious dress changed in an instant! The swallow waved her hand, and the layers of white gauze were pulled away layer by layer along her skirt. Under his waving, the beautiful gauze floated gently in the air, flying like snow falling from the air, and finally scattered on the ground! And Zhong Ling's fussy dress instantly turned into a light dress, without the cover of tulle, the delicate print pattern on the dress emerged, outlining the beautiful side face of the goddess with a crown, and around her were flying pigeons! The golden print seemed to fly out at any time, and at the moment when the swallow took it away,empty lotion tubes, the people at the scene exclaimed with one voice! "Oh my God.." Two clothes.. The first time I saw.. Zhou Xiaohua, who was backstage, could not help but open her eyes wide and said dumbfounded, "Why can such a dress become like this?!!!" "My dear queen mother, is it convenient to dance now?" "Swallow smiled. He bent down slightly and held out his hand." I Zhong Ling was stunned and raised his hand unconsciously. At that moment, Yan Yi immediately took her hand, took her to the throne, rubbed her waist and pulled her to the center of the stage! White gauze was scattered around the stage,custom cosmetic packing, and they danced to the waltz in the white gauze. After a brief silence, the audience suddenly burst into more enthusiastic screams than before. My God, Yan and Zhong Ling!!! The girl broke her voice and shouted, "I was blown up by Yan Su!"! I want to explode into fireworks on the horizon! Did you see that dress?! I thought it would look good just by looking at it, but I could take out the layered white gauze! Someone almost cried with excitement, "The male God is really good, so you can ask the princess to dance.." "It's the queen!" It's rare for someone to keep his mind and remember the queen, but it's a little unclear to finish this sentence. "Is this a new addition?!"! I saw that the actors were stunned. Could it be that Yan Yan had specially prepared a surprise for Zhong Ling? "You have a point. You see Zhong Ling didn't react at all!" "Ah, ah, ah." The screams were more intense than Zhou Xiaohua thought. Even she looked at the scene in disbelief. She didn't know what reaction she had in her heart. Was she happy that the atmosphere of the school anniversary had reached the top level of fanaticism, or was she shocked by what she did not do according to the script? She just stared at the scene and was as attracted as everyone else. Zhong Ling took the lead in reacting to the fact that she and Yan Kui were dancing. She couldn't help stepping on Yan Kui's feet, but Yan Kui dodged them very flexibly. By the way, she turned around gently, cosmetic plastic tube ,eye cream packaging tube, "Yan Shuangshan!"! I think you are going to make a big news! Do you know that our time is fixed? If you dance with me, you won't have time to dance with Cinderella.. Don't turn, don't turn, I'm dizzy! I won't step on you! "This dress is called the Queen of the Pigeon Season," said the swallow with a smile. "I said it would suit you." Zhong Ling looked at the beautiful pigeon print on the dress, a moment of mixed feelings, she looked at the print on the dress, and looked at Yan's very clear eyes, unconsciously finished a dance. Someone has a hoarse voice, and the broken voice has increased unconsciously. The swallow listened to the music that stopped and said with some regret, "It's a pity that I can't dance another song." Only then did Zhong Ling come to his senses and look at Li Ying, who had been standing still, before he knew it was a bad thing. She pinched her arm with chagrin, thinking about how Yan Shuangshan would deal with you after I got off the show, while trying to smooth things over, "My son, the level of dancing has improved, is it time to go to Cinderella?" She said obviously, the people at the scene also realized that this was originally the prince and Cinderella's dance drama, Zhong Ling said so, Li Ying just understood his situation, holding back the flow of tears rushed up and grabbed Yan's arm, "Prince!!" This is clearly her dance with the prince! She was going to look at designer Yan. Why?! Why is there no such paragraph?! Yan Yi was Li Ying hard to grasp the wrist, can not help but eat the pain of the frown, did not expect Li Ying's strength is so great, how can not be thrown away. She grabbed her wrist and shouted, "No." Prince, let me go.. I can't stop here. The close-up turned to Yan's arm, only to see Li Ying pulling Yan's arm while crying and running back, "Don't grab me, I'm leaving at zero." Am I reading this right? A close-up of Cinderella holding the prince to stop him from "holding" herself? "Good.." It's so embarrassing. Zhong Ling hurriedly winked at Yan Kui, who had no choice but to stretch out his hand. At the moment of meeting Li Ying, the bell rang, Cinderella was leaving, Yan heard the bell and immediately withdrew his hand, I do not know how, Zhong Ling saw him withdraw his hand, even relieved. Li Ying is not willing to let go of the hand, this was originally her close contact with the plot was changed, her efforts in the end is what? Her grievance welled up in her heart. She cried and let go of Yan's hand. As she ran, she shouted, "I should go, Prince. Don't come to me." She cried and ran off the stage, leaving a pair of crystal shoes there according to the script. The swallow lowered her eyelids,custom cosmetic packaging, as if she were thinking about something. The bodyguard quickly ran up and picked up the shoe and shouted, "Your Royal Highness, there is a shoe here!" The swallow raised her head. "Come with me tomorrow to find Cinderella." "Yes!" emptycosmetictubes.com

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