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You are my stars. Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:32   Independent & Freelance   Calw   265 views Reference: 160
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Han Rang narrowed his eyes and saw clearly the rows of codes on the computer screen. So he stood in the doorway and looked at the figure for a long time, until he hit the enter button, and suddenly the screen burst into a colorful snowflake, like a magnetic storm, all the electromagnetism was reveling, and the numbers of 1 and 0 created a mechanical galaxy. After watching the whole magnetic storm on the screen, Tang Weicai looked back and took a look at Han Rang. "How long have you been waiting at the door?" Han Rang realized that the child had already discovered him. When he was about to come forward, Tang Wei put his finger against his lips. "Shh, keep your voice down. Mommy and Sister Qi have fallen asleep." His voice was so tender, but his eyes were as calm as a wave of ancient pools. A six-year-old child has this kind of mind. In Han Rang's mind, for no reason, the words originally used by the ancients to describe Zhuge Liang appeared. He eased his footsteps, walked slowly to Tang Wei's side, reached out and touched the back of his head, "can you play programming?" Tang Wei lowered his eyelids, "the foundation will still be." When he was at Bo Ye's home, he often used Bo Ye's computer to learn all kinds of code projects, and even made up a command code. When Bo Ye came in, he could press the enter key and quickly switch the screen to Ultraman's screen. Five or six-year-old children, every day in front of the computer to do other things is suspicious,Concealed Flush Valve, but if it is to see Ultraman, it is particularly normal. It was in this way that he deceived the eyes and ears of the thin night, and then enriched his knowledge level with the help of the powerful materials and books in his study, while in front of the thin night, he continued to pretend to be ignorant and simple. Han praised him sincerely. "You are very clever. Does your mother know?" Tang Wei shook his head with a smile. "My mother doesn't know. If she knew, she would blame herself." He blamed himself for not bringing his son the childhood that a normal child should have, so that he quickly became precocious and accustomed to independence. If Tang Shi knew Tang Wei's mind, he would certainly blame himself. He is so careful,Self-closing Faucet, will certainly think of this, so in front of Tang Shi is still a child without scheming, even if the last time she jumped into the sea in front of the thin night, she only thought that the child hated the thin night too much, so she wanted to leave him, panic chose to jump into the sea. 23 Chapter 268 Do you want to die? I will help you! Han Rang looked at the child in front of him and whispered, "Tang Wei, genius is your wealth, but it can also bring disaster, do you know?" Mind too detached is a double-edged sword, Tang Wei is so smart at a young age, the word "prodigy" is well-deserved, but at the same time, it will also be accompanied by a bad influence, Flushometer valve ,Manual Flush Valve, what's more, it will affect the direction of his future life. Tang Wei nodded, "I know." So he pretends to be good in front of everyone. He carefully carries all his scheming, and knows how to advance and retreat at the right time. He is talented but not arrogant. How calm is such a child's mind? Han Rang praised, "I admire you very much." "I admire you, too." Tang Wei looked at Han Rang's eyes and whispered, "It's obviously a big childe, but you can get in and out of those ordinary and humble places.". I admire you for knowing what you want and not being blinded by money. "Then this will be our secret to each other." Han Rang stretched out his finger and hooked his finger with Tang Wei. "We made an appointment. Don't make it public everywhere in the future. Keeping a low profile can protect a person. You don't want to be exposed, do you?" Tang Wei knew that Han Rang was changing his ways to teach himself how to go in his future life. He readily agreed and hanged himself with him. He was not allowed to cheat for a hundred years. The two men exchanged thoughts with each other at night, and then Han Rang said, "Well, you should go to bed. It's very tiring to think about so many things every day. Besides, even if you are mature, your body is still a child.". What if I can't stand it? "Good." Tang Wei jumped off the sofa, put all the icons on the computer back in place, cleaned up the system and reinstalled it again. After making sure that there was no trace of operation, he turned off the computer and went into the room with his feet. Before closing the door, he waved to Han Rang and whispered, "Good night to my brother!" "Good night." Han Rang smiled. The next day, Jiang Qi went to work as usual, Han Rang got up early and sent her to the company on the way, so this move made Jiang Qi the focus of the hotel management department. Did you hear? She came in the morning as a gift from Master Han. I saw it with my own eyes! Ouch! "Really?"? What's her relationship with Master Han? "Verbally, it's a good friend relationship. I guess there's something shameful in the dark, isn't there?" "I think it's possible that Master Han sent a woman to work for the first time, and he himself didn't come to the company once a year, but this time he came here again and again for her.." "Don't offend that woman. She may wear small shoes for you behind your back." "Who wears little shoes for whom?" A sharp voice came into the ears of the whispering crowd, and several people shivered one after another. The voice was just right for Jiang Qi, who was passing by at work, to look at it. She looked over there a few times and found Wang Ling standing there with a stack of documents in her hand, high-heeled shoes, white-collar clothes, short hair in her ears, and meticulous posture. She said sternly to the group of people, "I don't know if Jiang Qi has put on small shoes for you behind her back, but I heard you drive her behind her back!" Jiang Qi is stupefied, Wang Ling this is to vent one's anger for oneself? "Every day when I have nothing to do, I know to talk about people behind my back. If I have the ability, I will call Jiang Qi over. You can try to talk about it in front of her."? If you don't raise your performance, you will speak ill of it behind your back. No wonder this is the only vision. Wang Ling sneered, "go back to work!" The men crouched and crept back to their original positions. Jiang Qi looked at this scene, stunned, did not expect Wang Ling will speak out to help her speak, then thought of the original Han Rang said, Wang Ling this person, the matter is not the person,Flush valve price, work focus, want to think is also public and private. She knew that if she did well in her post, Wang Ling would not embarrass her. cnkexin.com

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